Codini: The Magical Coding Documentation Assistant!

You're programming on your laptop, your iPad sitting useless in your bag. You write a line of Python, or Javascript. What was the name of that function again? Ugh, I'll just switch windows and pull up the documentation in my web browser.

So much wasted effort. Until we made Codini at CodeDay Silicon Valley (which won best overall hack). Codini is a Sublime Text plugin that gives you IDE-like code completion and instant documentation access on any external device. For example, set your iPad up next to your laptop, open Sublime to start Codini, which will give you a local IP to access, navigate your iPad to and enter the given IP of your development machine. Instantly, Codini's attractive interface provides you with snappy documentation and code completion possibilities for every word you type!

It's like magic. The full features of Codini:

  • Automatic code completion and documentation
  • Provides documentation with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Provides documentation for language defined words
  • Comment pseudocode
  • Finds all your current comments; click on it and your cursor will jump to the comment.
  • Expandable text -- see your code between two comments

This was a project at CodeDay Silicon Valley in November of 2014 (my first real hackathon!) with Kevin Vincent and Mihir Trivedi; I wrote the HTML, Javascript, and Node.js websockets stuffs for the website interface, and Kevin wrote the Python with Sublime's API to make the plugin. Mihir helped design.

We won the prize for Best Overall Hack!

Check it out and download the plugin on Github at